1. Can my child come along for a trial session?

Yes we provide trial sessions for those wishing to join the club. This gives an opportunity for the club coach to assess which part of the club would be best for the swimmers and also the chance for swimmers and parents to ask questions before they seek formal entry.

2. Are the coaches/teachers qualified and CRB checked?

Yes – all coaches, teachers and poolside helpers are suitable qualified and subject to CRB checks. We also CRB check those helping with children e.g. team managers at galas and committee members.

3. Does my child have to share changing facilities with adult swimmers?

The facilities provided at the training venues are communal and as such used by both adults and children. Some training sessions take place alongside public sessions. We ask parents to ensure younger swimmers do not use communal changing areas at the same time as older swimmers.

4. When do training sessions take place and how much will I have to pay?

Full details of our sessions and charges can be found on the fees section.

5. What equipment do we need to buy?

The club induction pack can be found on the website and contains details of equipment needed.

6. What is the line of progression through the club?

Our development swimmers move through pre-determined levels 8, 9 and 10. The requirements for these are set out on our website and assessment is ongoing by the coaches. Squad reps hold details of progression completed by the coach on a regular basis. Parents can view these by contacting the appropriate parent volunteer.

Once all levels are complete the swimmer can be invited to join the competitive side of the club. Progression here is based on ability, attendance and behavior as assessed by the coach. Regular assessment meetings take place where parents can discuss progress with the coach.

Parents should not approach coaches or teachers whilst they are on poolside and involved in training sessions.

7. Is there first aid available if required and are staff trained?

Yes, both training venues have appropriate first aid equipment and staff trained in appropriate use.

8. When is my child likely to be involved in competitions?

In England current rules require a swimmer to be 9 years of age before they can complete. This is different in Scotland where competition starts at 8 years. In all cases the coach will assess the swimmers ability to compete and discuss this with parents prior to a first gala.

9. Does the club have social events?

Yes – but we need volunteer help to arrange these. We try to run a number of these of differing types across the year. We also have a presentation night where awards are presented.

10. Who should my child or I speak to if we have any questions or concerns?

The club secretary or chair should be the first port of call but all members of the committee will be happy to help with questions or concerns.

11. What should I do if I am concerned about my child’s safety, well being or behaviour?

The Club has a Management Team and an appointed Welfare Officer to help in such situations. Ask to speak with any of them and explain your concerns, all concerns will be taken seriously and will be followed up.