We are a competitive swimming club and our swimming members represent the club in a variety of competitions throughout the North East. We have a growing number of novice swimmers, just starting out on the competitive trail. As a club our aim is to train all our swimmers to achieve their potential whatever this may be. 

The club invests in a high Coach to Swimmer ratio which develops the swimmer at a higher rate. A developing appetite for success which is tempered nicely with a family friendly ethos that softens the often cold, clinical competitive approach of most swimming clubs.

What is important to us?

Maintaining our core values as the club inevitably expands and develops further. The club profile is building across all areas. Junior League, County, Regional and National exposure as well as a solid well-loved home gala, our resource base in supporting the sport, fundraising and supporting charity

What we offer to swimmers

We want the club to be an enjoyable experience for you and your swimmer(s). It offers:

  • A friendly welcome with opportunities to meet new friends;
  • An environment where your swimmers' welfare and safety are paramount. Our Child Protection, Equity and Complaints policies are available on our website, together with our Code of Ethics
  • Qualified, enthusiastic and supportive coaches & teachers and responsible volunteers
  • Opportunities for swimmers to develop their swimming, improve technique and in time compete in swimming galas 
  • Clear lines of communication between the club, you and your parents about training, about competition and social events 
  • Relationships built on trust, honesty and respect, where you and your parents are valued and listened to 
  • Opportunities for you to get involved in the activities of the club.

What does the club expect from parents?

  • That you abide by the rules of the Club and its Code of Conduct (including our Child Protection, Equity and Ethics policies)
  • That you provide emergency contact details (or stay with your child during club sessions) and any relevant information about any disabilities or medical conditions your child suffers from and any medication they use
  • That you pay all required fees on time
  • That your child continues to meet the stipulated criteria for attendance level, involvement in competition and training performance
  • That your child arrives on time and is collected promptly from club sessions, galas and social activities;
  • That you contact the club if you are delayed when collecting your child 
  • Accept the guidance that our coach/teachers provide and the decisions of gala officials
  • That you never force your child to participate

Parents - Getting involved

Become involved in the club as much as you can as this will support your child and help them enjoy their involvement. We are always appreciative of volunteers to help in both formal and informal roles and by just giving a helping hand when possible. There are many roles which may be appealing to you; if you can offer any help at all please contact the Club Secretary by emailing ntscsecretary@outlook.com